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White PTFE ring for piston

When I changed seals yesterday, I discovered that the white PTFE ring on the piston had swollen at the break point and was projecting out of the groove. I took it out and ordered a replacement from the store. The one I ordered is called a "piston seal wiper", although as I recall it used to be described as a "piston guide". What is its function?

Another matter. The one I had was split at one point, presumably to make it easy to fit on the piston. The one in the store photo doesn't seem to have a break point. If that is so, does it stretch to fit like the seals?


  • hi matthew

    as you will appreciate, the ptfe is a non elastic material and without us putting a cut in it you will not be able to fit it to the piston

    kind regards

  • Thanks Reiss for the explanation. The replacement ring is scheduled to arrive today. Meanwhile, I’ve been using the L1 without a PTFE ring and it seems to be working normally. What is the function of the ring?
    Yours, Matt
  • From what I understand: in case an owner never replaced the rubber seals and they've crumbled away, the ptfe ring is still there, preventing the metal piston to scratch the inside / sleeve of the group that it slides up and down in.
  • Thanks, Frans. I hadn’t thought of that.
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