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Move with the LR


I am moving during the cold time of the year. Is there anything I need to be aware of or something I need to tell the movers to be especially careful about? Does the machine need to be completely emptied? If so, how? Can it be moved in one piece? Is the boiler valve also save for under pressure so the boiler can't implode?



  • hi nico

    well it depends a bit on the nature of the move

    for example, if it is going on a commercial aircraft you need to drain the boiler as fully as possible as the carrier will be very upset if it leaks water everywhere and it will essential need to be packed in the same, or similar, packaging that we sent the machine to you in originally

    to drain the boiler place the machine on the drain tray of your kitchen sink and undo the blanking nut from off the left end of the boiler and tilt the machine over to get out the last bit:


    if on the other hand the packers are simply putting it on a truck and taking it across town and unloading it into your new dwelling the same day it is much less of an issue

    if it is going to sit in an unheated truck or warehouse for an extended period of time then freezing the machine solid is an issue to consider

    im not sure i understand your question about the safety valve and the boiler imploding - if you can expand on this i will try to give you an answer on it

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  • Hi Reiss,

    thank you for your answer! So I should be fine just getting the machine as is on the truck for about a day. Probably it will be quite warm again despite the time of the year...

    I meant a common problem when working with larger tanks where it is cleaned in place (CIP) very hot and then cooled off too quickly. E.g. heating the machine up, turning it off and then removing the water using the faucet, followed by loading it at -10 °C on a truck would probably be a bad idea. So I thought the machine is also shipped with the group detached which leaves the boiler open. Otherwise the boiler is still a closed system which might not withstand low pressure.

    CIP implosion

    I also wouldn't want the massive group getting ripped off during the drive over bumps etc.
  • hi nico

    never move a hot machine; this means off for at least an hour minimum before moving and ideally longer

    secondly, the anti vac valve would ensure that what that chap in your video is talking about could not occur with your londinium

    finally, other than draining it and ideally placing it within its original packaging if you have it, leave it to the movers as they have insurance, or at least should do to cover any loses arising from their work; if you prevent the movers from moving it the way they want to they may consider any resultant damage to be your problem

    kind regards

  • Thanks for your advice! Everything went fine and I am still very happy with my LR :)
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