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compatible portafilters

I'm thinking of buying an inexpensive portafilter handle to dedicate exclusively to a homemade pressure gauge. Looking around google images, there seem to be broadly two categories: those with flanges at 45º to the handle and those (like the Londinium) with flanges offset at a different angle. Would any of the latter serve the purpose or are only portafilters for particular machines compatible with Londiniums?



  • hi matthew

    the e61 groups have the lugs at 90 degrees and the lever groups have the lugs at 45 degrees - neither are compatible

    any portafilter that is intended for the lever group would do, you dont need a wenge handled version

    kind regards

  • Thanks, Reiss. That's what I needed to know.

  • I have a Bezzera BZ10 and the portafilters are identical to my LR portafilter.
  • That's really useful to know. I ordered a Bezzera Strega-compatible pf, but it turned out to not fit the Londinium. However, the same company makes one for the Bezzera BZ10 , so I'll just do an exchange. Thanks very much.

  • William Bolyard post=15717 wrote: I have a Bezzera BZ10 and the portafilters are identical to my LR portafilter.

    William, I passed your observation on to the replacement portafilter supplier, and he says the measurements of the BZ10 are different from the ones I made of my Londinium one. Have you tried placing the Bezzera pf in the Londinium group to see how well it fits?
  • Matt, I just used a micrometer to compare the Bezzera BZ10 and the LR portafilter that I have. The measurements are identical. I have used the double spout Bezzera portafilter in the LR and it works just fine.... I used the Bezzer Bottomless once also and it was identical. Both of my BZ10 portafilter are Bezzera OEM.... Not third party
  • William, I bought the BZ10 replacement portafilter and it fits my machine like a glove. Thanks for all your help. If anyone else wants one, here's a link:
  • I am pleased that my information was helpful and accurate
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