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manometer portafilter

Dear Reiss,
Is it safe to use a manometer portafilter on the L R?
As i bought my Londinium L R second hand, i was wondering what settings are on my machine, as i think it is no longer the factory settngs.
I keep getting sour extractions no matter what grindsettings, etc.
Grinder used ceado e 37s with brandnew burrs.
baskets are all IMS competizione b702tch 24 , 26 and 28.5

Sorry for my pour English , it's rusty like my teeth after an espresso ...

Kind regards Edward


  • hi edward

    sure, just check that it is not a portafilter for an E61 group as the lugs are in a different place to the lever group

    also check that the portafilter has a bleed valve on it so you can slowly release the pressure afterwards

    kind regards

  • Dear Reiss,
    Thanks for the quick responding.
    I think my medium to dark yellow bourbon is way to fresh, 5 days after roast.
    If i use (pardon my french ) Illy dark roast... the espresso is much more balanced.

    My machine came equipped with a IMS 35 screen , but with E61 ingraved i have to buy a Londinium IMS 35screen?, or are they the same dimensions?

    Thanks in advance, i am beginning to fall in love with my Londinium:lol:

    Kind Regards Edward
  • hi edward

    please see below an image of the 35 micron IMS screen that we offer

    the 'E61' reference means that it is intended for an E61 group head, which happily means it also fits on the lever group head too

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