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Digital pre infusion module App Status?

Any idea when we can expect the official app to be released?


  • Hi Lloyd!

    I had the question recently and Reiss updated us with the unfortunate series of events that have caused the delay.

    Here is his message:
    "the factory have recently experienced the passing of the former factory manager, the death of the father of the new factory manager in february, and also the death of the father of the partner of the development manager in february. add to this the demands of nestle and subway who are exponentially more significant customers than londinium, the uncertainty around brexit which results in investment decisions being delayed until the future becomes clearer, and our concerns over the suitability of the commercial partner we have selected to develop the wireless app and you will better appreciate why we have not yet released the wireless app.

    be assured the delay is not the result of technical inability

    kind regards


    Hope that helps. In the meantime if you remove the nipple from the right side of the top panel, as Frans elegantly documented recently, you can remove the side panel quite easily to make adjustments.

  • thank you for your intervention christos

    yes, there isnt much more to say. i have been told with absolute certainty that nothing will progress this month, not just on the app, but on any of our projects, which is perfectly understandable

    next month, may, i will speak with the factory again and we will agree what work can happen in may

    when i know something i am happy to update you, but for the month of april there is nothing to say

    kind regards

  • Than ks for the updates. Do you have a link to this "nipple" mod you are referring to?
  • Lloyd Alvarez post=15542 wrote: Than ks for the updates. Do you have a link to this "nipple" mod you are referring to?
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