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What can I upgrade on my L1 from 2013?

Fresh out of grad school and on my way from Canada to a tiny town in Northern England I caught the Londinium buzz and bought a machine to furnish my humble rented dwelling (in West Cornforth, at the time). I've since returned to Canada and my L1 has been happily wired into the back of my stove for 2 years. In the last week or so, however, my pump has been making sad noises, and I think I had better have a replacement on hand. This seems easy enough on its own, but it appears that the L1 has evolved quite a bit and my L1 is no longer and L1, but is now an LR (right?), and there might be a couple of upgrade kits I can apply.

What upgrades are there for an old L1 (not plumbed, 240V/60Hz, Canada )?

I would love to have, for example, control over pre-infusion pressure, as well as a rotary pump.

Can I have those things? :)


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