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Dirty water

Hi Reiss

I hope all goes well, as for me i’m continue to improve the taste of my espressos as I experiment with different coffees and grinds not a dull moment I tell you, ok to the point, as I’m drawing water for tea a notice that water coming out is dark like a very water down tea ( very pale shade of brown) I never notice before because we usually make tea directly into the cup, I check the water coming to the machine it’s clear, coming from the lever it’s clear also from the steam wand it’s clear, things that I done so far is open the valve until all the hot water is out and let heat up again I done this 4 times, the water it’s the same color, I drained the machine and refilled ( as if going on vacation) still the same any suggestions? I don’t use the hot water too often but when I do I would like clean water :)



  • hi mario

    yes, i agree, its always a possibility with a big 7 litre boiler in a low volume residential situation

    assuming your water is not so soft that it is becoming acidic at temperature, you are going to see this discolouration of the water if you aren't using the hot water tap much

    you will need to draw about three times the volume of boiler through to clear it i expect; in your case 21 litres

    keep drawing water through and it will come clear

    on your LONDINIUM I the group is directly fed from your cold water mains so you would not expect to see the issue in the brew water (unless the machine was left unused for a period of time and it would clear quickly as the volume of the HX-TS circuit is small, relative to the boiler)

    once you have it clear i suggest you make it part of your habit when cleaning down the machine to pull say 500mL of water through the hot water tap and this will ensure the water is turning over in the boiler sufficiently to prevent this issue reoccurring

    kind regards
  • Thanks Reiss, I suspected that this may the case , but you also made a good point in checking the water for hardness , thanks again

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