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Jusdt assembled my new R.

Does it come with water in the boiler? Filled tank for first time. No draw from tank although the pump ran for a minute of so before shutting off.

Also, directions state filter must be used. I use bottled water with the optimium mineral content. Not too much, not too little



  • hi bob

    if you remove the cartridge i think you will find the pump will draw water more easily

    also be sure to remove the red shipping tag from the anti-vac valve on the boiler and check that the valve falls into the down (open) position, whereby the stainless steel circlip that was sitting on top of the red plastic shipping tag is now lying on the brass top of the valve

    if you have a suitable water that you know will not cause limescale to form in the machine then you do not need to use the BWT in-tank filter softener cartridges

    please feel free to call me on FaceTime ([email protected]) as I'm around as usual

    kind regards

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