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Another new L1 owner

My L1 replaced a Vivaldi II that had been in use for about 10 years. The Vivaldi had been plumbed in, so my plan was to do the same with the L1 as soon as time would allow. I started out with the internal tank, I tried pulling a shot using the same grind that I had last used with the Vivaldi. Predictably, it ran through too fast. I tightened the grind setting a bit and pulled another shot. Much better, 28 grams in 28 seconds. I took just a couple of small sips, since it was half past midnight and I knew I wouldn't get any sleep if I didn't wait for the next morning!

Further experiments last week led me in the direction of reducing the dose and grinding finer still. The L1's consistency is impressive; nearly every shot has either equaled or exceeded the best I have ever gotten from the Vivaldi, which could only occasionally produce its best results. I did pull the L1's lever down too quickly a couple of times--doing so breaks up the puck and ruins the shot--lesson learned.

Last night I got it successfully plumbed in and removed the vibe pump. I wanted to use a US-style 3/8" supply hose, which required two adapters: a 1/4" to 3/8" BSP from Londinium and a 3/8" BSP to 3/8" Compression adapter from Good thing I ordered some Loxeal 55-03 along with my machine; nothing else was able to create an adequate seal.

I have the drain kit as well, but am in no hurry to install it; the stock tray works very smoothly.

Working with this machine since it arrived, I am astounded at the quality for the asking price, and the ease of getting fantastic results in the cup. If you are trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge, I heartily encourage you to do so. Many thanks to Reiss for offering this product, and for dealing so patiently with my barrage of questions.

Below is a picture of my setup (taken prior to plumbing in) and this morning's first flat white.

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  • Nice art! I am still trying to get something, anything, for the wife. (I like standard cappuccino.)
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