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Current Projected Delivery Times

Hello - I am wondering what the current delay is for orders of an L1 to the US?


  • hi john

    the oldest open order we have for an L1 is 25 October

    we have a batch on build which will be ready for me to start booking out this Wednesday, 16 November

    hope that helps

    kind regards

  • RE:Next LONDINIUM I build: 28 November

    Hi Reiss - when do anticipate the despatch of these units? In time for Christmas delivery?


  • Hi John

    Yes, absolutely

    I would expect to despatch Friday 2nd and Monday 5th Dec

    Plenty of time to get machines to all destinations well before Xmas

  • Hi Reiss,

    With the orders than went to production on the 28th November can you please confirm if all open L1 orders prior to this date were sent over and if you're still on track to send these out on Friday 2nd?

    many thanks
  • hi jack

    yes, all orders received up until 7am monday 28 nov were included in the build

    we are on track to start despatching machines from the build this friday (but it wont be all the machines in the build - the balance will be ready on monday 5th dec)


  • Hi Reiss,

    How is the build coming along?


  • hi oyvind

    well, we had 5 machines ready to despatch on friday and 3 yesterday

    i was surprised that your machine was not ready to despatch yesterday and specifically asked why but i have not yet received an answer

    my expectation would be for it to be ready for me to despatch today, tuesday

    as soon as i have further information i will post it here

    kind regards

  • Was my machine completed?

  • hi gary

    the best information i have is that all machines ordered before 8am UTC 28 NOV were built

    yesterday was clearly one of those days when my contacts were in meetings or off site as not all of the emails i sent yesterday were replied to before close of business

    i will have an update in about 13 hours when the UK open for business today, tuesday

    sorry i dont have better information than that right now

    any machines that are available to despatch today will be

    kind regards

  • Thanks Reiss, for your quick reply. I'll be waiting for an update when you get some more info.

    Kind regards,

  • Mine was shipped (to Canada) yesterday and the projected delivery is tomorrow - is this possible?
  • In lieu of Canadian response, I got mine in US next day. They texted me in the morning asking for customs payment and I paid immediately and it came the same day. Not sure how Canadian customs work though.
  • John Downie post=12263 wrote: Mine was shipped (to Canada) yesterday and the projected delivery is tomorrow - is this possible?
    If it was possible before things have changed - shipment is "On Hold"...after five and a half hours in Midland...

    Further Detail:
    Due to adverse weather conditions, the shipment could not be delivered
    Next Step:
    The shipment will be reallocated to a courier for delivery of the shipment once the weather conditions improve
  • ive despatched another L1 just now. i have asked which machines will be ready for despatch tomorrow and as soon as i receive a response i will post it here

    kind regards

  • and here is that answer i promised;

    Hi Reiss

    There will be L1s ready tomorrow and one L3 going on test today.
    2 USA s/w reverse
    1 USA standard
    1 EU standard
    1 UK s/w reverse

    There’s an L1P which will be ready this afternoon.

    So i think that will account for all the L1 machines that were ordered on or before the 28 Nov build
  • Hi Reiss, thanks for the update. Is my machine in this batch?


  • yes, absolutely.
  • Not easy to keep track of which day is which when we are spread so far around the globe. Right now my phone app says it is it is 9:14 a.m. here (Tuesday morning), and 5:14 p.m. in London (Tuesday afternoon). For Auckland, it says 6:14 a.m. "tomorrow"! Does that mean it is already Wednesday in Auckland?
  • Well, somehow the weather for shipment to Canada is different than weather to the US, as 9 hours later and the shipment is still on hold due to the weather. I asked DHL where the weather was so bad, but the representative just said that it was very cold, with no specifics and no additional information.

  • hi gary

    yes, your machine was in the 28 nov build

  • Trust your phone app! It is correct!
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