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Checks for a used machine

I'm going to join the Londinium owners club this year :)
After lots of research over the last 12 months I've made up my mind....

I was on the point of buying a new L1, when the potential to buy a used machine presented itself.
The ownership history is excellent, and its always been run with a filter/softner, but I live in a hard water area.
So,I would really appreciate some advice on a couple of points:

Can you recommend a some checks to assess whether limescale might be an issue on a used machine?
Other than inspect the water wand, anti-vac valve, and screen area what else might be advisable?
If there's no obvious issues here, might it be worth removing the piston and inspecting the chamber as well? Would this add anything useful?
Is there anything else I could do simply?

Assuming there's no obvious issue in any of the areas mentioned (which i believe to be the case) would it still perhaps be worth planning on getting a routine descale carried out?
Or, if everything is working fine, is it very much a case of "If it isn't broken, don't fix it!"
What would Londinium advise?

Either way, new or used, I'm looking forward to having a Londinium on my bench before Christmas!

Many thanks in advance....
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