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Getting ready to order Londinium 1

Just a few quick questions on ordering. I am in the US and will be ordering a Londinium 1. I want the 120V US plug, and steam arm on the left.
How does the ordering process work? Just order and pay with my credit card? Will I be paying in GBP, or USD at the current exchange rate? How do I know what exchange rate is being used if it is the latter? I presume I will not be charged VAT. Any idea what the approximate shipping charge to 53092 is? Last question, how long to get the machine? Would it be ready to ship, or is there some production time? There is not a real hurry at all. The L1 looks like a great machine!


  • hi Robert

    you can pay in whatever currency you want - if you pay in USD that is what you will see on your credit card

    you will not be charged VAT if the shipping address is outside the EU

    if you put the items of interest in you cart, go to the cart, and then click the button called 'Calculate shipping' and enter the shipping address the website will give you the precise shipping charge without you having to enter any payment details

    we have stocked out of 120V machines and are building some more this week, which will be ready to ship next week i expect

    kind regards

  • Excited about the will be paired with my Monolith conical grinder. I'll move my HX machine up to my vacation home and pair it with my Versalab. Luckily I have a good friend near by that is a lever expert that can get me going with the lever.
  • monolith: nice choice of grinder.

    nice avatar too.
  • Reiss,
    Have been using the Monolith for about 4-5 months and love it!
    The picture is my 20 foot catboat out on Lake Michigan, a great place to sail.
  • I took delivery of a Monolith Flat three days ago, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Paired with my L1, I am getting delicious, repeatable shots. My Pharos is very good value, but it has never produced espresso with such clear and bright flavours.

  • Matt,
    I have heard great things about the Monolith flat, but have not seen one yet. One of my local friends should be receiving his Monolith conical today, and I think one of his friends in the area has one.
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