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Delivery & Sundry

Hi Reiss
I've now saved enough to purchase an L1 to replace my creaky (and squeaky) Giotto Rocket but have a couple of final questions to calm my mind as this is a big purchase.

On delivery, is a named day / timed delivery option available? It's obviously too big to deliver to work or a neighbour but taking a day off to sit in and wait for delivery carries a cost in terms of lost wages so I'd rather avoid if possible.

Now I realise a Support thread is going to be full of people with problems to solve but can you guys give a dispassionate opinion on how reliable the L1 has proved over time and how much maintenance I would be expected to do & costs. My Rocket has had to return to base 2/3 times in 6 years for various seals, leaks etc.

Am I right in thinking even where maintainence issues occur the nature of L1 means even the diy challenged can fix without any special tools?

Lastly, I'm sure I read that L1's had been fitted with new boiler types. If that's right do all L1's shipped come as latest spec.

Appreciate that's a lot of Q's but thanks in advance for any info.



  • hi paul

    DHL do not currently offer a timed delivery service, but we can certainly arrange the delivery day in advance for you

    the customers on here can speak more impartially than i can on the reliability and durability that they have experienced, but all four machines we sell are designed from the ground up to be fixed remotely

    we have machines in 42 or 43 countries and not one owner has got 'stuck' yet

    if you already own your own set of tools you will almost certainly be able to resolve any issue that may arise, supported with my input via Skype / FaceTime and the experiences of others on this forum

    as long as you keep the limescale out i can't see you having any issues. piston seals need replacing every 18-24 months, the seals on the valves seem to last much longer (i've not replaced mine), at least in a residential setting. pop the shower screen off the bottom of the group every 3 months and give it a clean and thats about it

    the boiler design hasnt changed but we used to source them from Comea in Italy, whereas now we make them in-house completely, starting with a flat sheet of copper

  • Checking DHL website they do Domestic Express by 9am or Domestic express by 12 noon on named day. Are these available options?
  • hi paul

    next day pre-12 is available on a consignment of this size to mainland UK addresses in the main centres

    kind regards

  • In addition to an L1 (latest pump?) and a Londinium tamper is there anything I should order / need at the same time. Do i need grease, is it wise to have a full service kit etc or is it cost effective to order these later as needed?
    Is there a space on the order for delivery instructions. I dont really want to publish that on an open forum.
  • hi paul

    you may want a water hardness test kit, depending on your circumstances

    the machine is currently supplied with grease and a spare set of piston seals, and a bottomless wenge portafilter

    there is a free text field in the order entry screen to enter delivery instructions

    kind regards

  • Hi Reiss
    Order placed. Comments in the comments box of the order process re delivery options as per above. Thanks.
  • thank you for your order paul.
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