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Hello All

I know many have gone for the plumbed in option with water treatment for their Londinium but this is not an option for me because we currently rent our flat. I have been using the in tank softener cartridge but I always worry about the rate at which it is used up. I was wondering about using volvic in my machine from now on - have people had any experience with this?

Thanks for your help



  • hi rupert

    volvic is a safe and good option as it is affordable and most importantly, readily available, at least in most of europe

    it will not scale your machine, although you wouldn't want to go any higher - i think its about 85mg/L temporary hardness from memory


  • Hi Rupert,

    I've used it for 3.5 years on Reiss's recommendation with two different machines - no sign of scaling. On the LI I get through maybe 1-2 bottles a week, with between 2-4 espressos a day. I should say that I very rarely use the water tap or flush to warm up the group. Basically if you don't use loads of water volvic is definitely worth it.

  • Brilliant - thank you both - sorry for being slow to reply!
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