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Newbie getting into the coffee scene

Hi everyone and Reiss

I am getting into making my own cup of coffee specifically gearing towards a cup of flat white for me and the missus and perhaps a few more cups over the weekend when we have guests over.

The coffee profile I like is towards the nutty, chocolatey taste.

I have been researching all over deciding on the espresso machine and grinder to fit my purpose and a few of my selections that I have been looking at are:

- on machines: Strega, Cremina, Maximatic, Rocket Evolution v2, Vesuvius
- on grinders: Mazzer Mini-A, Anfim Super Camino, Quamar M80E

I think I have finally knocked down the finalist to the combination of the Londinium I and the Compak E8 with redspeed burrs.


- Will the price stay current on the website as I am in the midst of waiting for my credit card provider to issue me a new credit card within 1-2 weeks
- I am located in Brunei. Just curious if you have shipped to this destination before?

Some of the accessories I am looking getting from the Store are:
- LONDINIUM tamper
- LONDINIUM wenge double spout portafilter and ridged double basket

Are there any other add-ons and accessories that I should consider to get. As I will be doing more milk-based drinks, a 12oz pitcher is definitely essential in this area. Others to consider would be:

- tamping mat
- knockbox
- espresso glasses and flatwhite cups

Here's hoping I don't change my mind on another machine or grinder to throw me into the whole selection process again!


  • hi freddie

    thank you for posting

    1. the price will not change in the time frame that you refer to
    2. yes, we have shipped more than one consignment to the Royal Kingdom of Brunei
    3. as to additional items, that is largely down to personal preference, i don't think there are right/wrong answers in this area; what is right for one person will be a complete waste of money for another - i don't own a tamping mat or a knock box, if that helps at all

    note that the machine is supplied with a four hole, 1mm tip, which should be ideal for most users (the two hole 1mm tip is for users who are not proficient and are trying to texture small volumes of milk and the four hole 1.4mm tip is for large volumes of milk that are used in a commercial environment

    note that the machine is supplied with a bottomless portafilter & basket, with a wenge handle

    kind regards

  • Wow wow WOW

    I mean they said response was going to be fast but I didn't expect it to be this FAST!

    Thanks again Reiss for clarity on the questions posed. Great to hear there are a few Londinium owners here.

    Also much appreciated on the tip supplied and I will look into obtaining the two hole 1mm tip as an extra to get used to frothing milk and also in smaller quantities.

    I will continue lurking around in this forum to get acclimatised and gain more information on both machine and grinder :)

  • Please accept my apology for interfering
    I think your answer could help the other buyers

    My question is:- is it true if the L1 will be shipped with :
    New ULKA pump ( fitted inside)
    -Londinium double baske
    - Londinium single basket
    - Londinium wenge double spout portafilter
    -Wenge bottomless portafilter
    -1 tube of 100g Loxeal silicon grease
    -1 steam tip of 4 holes x 1mm
    -1 steam tip of 2 holes x 1mm
    -Owner Manual guide book

    Please correct me if I am wrong
  • good morning hung

    thank you for your post

    1. it is currently difficult to say with absolute certainty that your L1 will have an ULKA pump - if it is a deal breaker we can include an ULKA pump in the box for you to install at your leisure
    2. the L1 is supplied with one bottomless wenge portafilter handle and one double basket
    3. the L1 is currently supplied with one 100g tube of loxeal no.4 grease & three spare piston seals
    4. the L1 is supplied with a tip that has four 1mm holes
    5. the L1 is supplied with an owners manual

    kind regards

  • Hung

    Thank you for adding into this thread.

    My assumption also was that the new ULKA pump will be used for all new L1 machines.


    Noted on the pump and would definitely like that it be included once I am able to make payment.

  • Hi Reiss

    To give you an update at my end, I am still awaiting from my credit card provider and due to some hiccups at their end, I have been informed it will take another 2 weeks (or so!) before being able to receive my card.

    My due apologies here as I am unable to purchase right now til all is sorted at their end.

    Once I am able to make payment, I will email you accordingly when purchase has been completed.
  • hi freddy

    its all good, we'll still be here

    kind regards

  • Hi Reiss

    Thought I'll just log on today to check on the order status and I want to say thanks for giving the heads up on how the delivery is shaping up. Cheers!

    Just 1 final item and we're good to go! As an addition, I would like to enquire if the ulka pump is pre-fitted or will come as an additional item?

    Kind regards
  • hi freddie
    i *expect* it will have an Ulka pump, but if not i can always send you one
    kind regards
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