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Delivery times


I'm really keen for a Londinium 1. I wondered.
1. Are they held as stock and what delivery times in the UK?
2. Alternatively my son works for a company in Birmingham called Frachino and they have a similar address to yours. Could I pick one up when I next visit him or would this not work?
Many thanks


  • hello david

    thank you for posting

    its a small world!

    we do hold machines in stock, but if you order a swapping of the steam wand to the left hand side of the machine please allow us about a week to affect this request

    yes you can pick your machine up in person, but i will advise when the machine is ready for collection so that your visit is not unexpected

    kind regards

  • Thanks for the rapid reply! Im not sure I could get such a heavy unit in my car and out the other end. I have placed my order for delivery. Thanks for your help.
  • I have decided against collection as Im not sure I can manhandle the machine into, and very unlikely out of my car.

    Ive ordered including delivery.
    Many thanks for the rapid reply.

    David Sawyer
  • thank you for your order david. many thanks, reiss.
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