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Coffee Shops using Londinium in London

Hi - can anyone recommend a coffee shop near the city that uses a Londinium. Would love to try an espresso from a professional using one of these machines...


  • hi matt

    unfortunately there isn't one

    kind regards

  • what a shame... in an increasingly saturated market it would make a great point of difference to be running lever machines in my view.
  • In Amsterdam there are quite a few lever machines, mainly Kees van der Westen, but since he stopped production of this type due to trimming down his production range, I could see Londiniums replacing these in the longer run.
  • It seems like you aren't going to find a machine, so the point is probably moot, but here's my experience.

    I drove 4 hours to the nearest shop with a Londininium to get some coffee out of an L3. It wasn't very good. I'm convinced that the problem was the beans and the way it was prepared, not the machine.

    After I made the drive, I also realized that L3's are plumbed and the L-1 isn't, so the result is significantly different, so whatever I got from the L3 was going to be different from what I could get at home.

    I did have some lever machine coffee in Aberdeen that was superb 3 times and not so great once (different barista). It was from the discontinued Hydropresso.

    I'm still going to buy and L-1, but I'm waiting a couple of months until after I move as I don't want to have to unpack it and then move it a few weeks later. The passion that Reiss has and the passionate following of many of the members plus their waxing poetic about the quality of the shot all weigh more in my decision than the mediocre shot obtained at the end of a wasted drive.
  • i am in the habit of offering demonstrations via FaceTime (or Skype), but that may not be what you are after.
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