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Where can I see LI in the flesh?

Despite owning a quality dual boiler espresso machine I find myself struggling to suppress growing interest in Londinium I.

I've apparently dropped sufficient comments to the missus to have successfully worn her down her down on the subject.

I'm reliably informed that it's time for me to 'put up or shut up' and her question (not mine) is........
"Where can you get to see one of these damned LI's?"

I'm assuming maybe Birmingham or Sheffield?

I live 20 miles outside Birmingham.




  • hi tony
    thank you for your enquiry
    if you have not done so already, it is probably worth posting your request on too
    kind regards
  • I live between Derby and Burton on Trent.
    I would be happy to let you have a play with my L1
    If that helps let me know?
  • Thank you for your Corinthian attitude Spencer.
  • Hi Reiss,

    Thanks for the reply.
    It would appear that Spencer has beaten me to it in terms of connecting with CFUK.

    Hi Spencer,

    Here I was trying to keep a low profile and you catch me wriggling around here ;)
    I thank you for your very kind offer and may well take you up on it.
    However, it appears that Foundry are hoping to have a demo LI available within the next couple of weeks and a trip to Sheffield would fit in quite nicely with other plans.

  • Not a problem.
    I am an active member of CFUK and you will find a wealth of knowledge with all things coffee related there and a really decent online community, like here.
    Lee at Foundry will be able to assist you well I'm sure.
    My earlier offer stands should you need it
    Good luck. If you do go for a L1 I'm sure you will not be disappointed... I wasn't upgrading from my Brewtus
  • Quick update:
    Managed to pop by Foundry Coffee Roasters in Sheffield last Friday.

    Many thanks to Lee for his time and attention and the opportunity to experience using a Londinium lever machine.

    Placed an order for an L1 !!!!
  • I, too, find myself with a very nice DD E61, but am oddly drawn to the lever, and the L1 in particular. What was your reaction to the change?
  • Hey Tony,
    I'm too far away to offer you a coffee at home (Canada) but just want to share a bit with you.
    After getting tired of even the best semiautomatica coffee machine, I got a Vivaldi La Spazziale around 5 years ago, I thought that who be it, I had the best machine ever..then few years later I suffered the same irrepresible feeling as yours.. I needed to improve my coffee (I tend to do this with motorcycles as well).
    I was so happy to find alternatives to what I thought would be the ultimate (Marzzoco GS3, Ven Der ...Speedster) I started to read each and every forum to find the best set up and the best deal...
    I surendered to buy a brand new L1 (sold my grinder for an upgrade and took Reiss' offer for free shipping )

    Each one of us certainly has different taste for coffee but I can tell you this:
    - any regrets: hell no!
    - would I trade this machine for anything else? So far, no second thoughts
    - can you customise the machine to your coffee (change basket, shower plate, steamer,..): yes
    - does Reiss live up to your expectation to make sure to get what you want from the L1: 100% sure
    - where can you get a dedicated community about this one model: here
    in short, I am far from being a great barista but this machine has constantly been able to get the Ristretto I have ever been able to drink.
    After the machine and grinder settle at your home you just need to find your prefered beans and I bet even the wife will get use to this Lever style. Mine went from, what is this gigantic machine... to : actually this is pretty nice in the kitchen.

    I you can, connect it directly on water, then you'll enter in the world of silent extraction
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