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Manual guide

My saving for Londinium is nearly enough.
Very interested in L1-P, however , as living in London, L1-P really put me off by having no option for tank filling

Could someone please let me know where I can download the owner manual guide of Londinium L1?
I would like to know:
- the dimension
- weight
- what accessories included

So it will help me to order 2-holes steam nozzle or bottomless portafilter at the same time with L1



  • The L1 manual is online already. Have you looked here:

    LONDINIUM owners forum -> Permanent file -> PDF owners manuals
  • I could be wrong but I think that only Londinium owners have access to the owners manual in the permanent file.

    The dimensions of the L1 are listed on the products page under the specification tab. In mm the specs are listed as 540 deep x 330 wide x 345 high. An exact weight is not given but if I remember correctly from what Reiss told me it's about 40kg.

    The product page also lists what is included: a bottomless portafilter and basket, and a tube of Loxeal grease. You'll need to order the 2 hole steam tip separately.
  • thank you for your replies frans & marc, much appreciated to have cover across time zones

    hi hung

    thank you for posting

    the page that marc refers to is here;

    there is also a more page with more detailed dimensions here;

    i see your question(s) as to what is included has been addressed

    kind regards

  • I went ahead and added the dimensions in inches to the detailed specifications for those of us in the States that struggle with visualizing metric dimensions. I can't believe the US still holds onto the Standard measurement system (metric really makes more sense).

  • I will never surrender my 9/16th wrench!
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