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EU VAT on US purchase

Hello, 1st post

I went to buy an L1 from the website and noticed it added a 20% EU VAT to the price.
Is this correct if the unit is being shipped to the States?


  • Hi David,

    If you use the cart to check your shipping address, or add your shipping address during checkout, VAT will not be added.

    I've just tested to make sure as we've been making some changes to the way VAT is handled and I can confirm that adding a US address removes the VAT.


  • Thanks for the quick reply!
    I didn't try to add an address, I just saw the VAT charge and backed off.

  • hi kelsey

    thank you for responding before me

    thank you for your order david, which i have just placed with the factory

    i would expect to despatch it on monday afternoon

    kind regards

  • Thanks!
    After 10 years using a Pavoni, I'm really looking forward to your machine.
    Over the holidays, we were visiting my wife's family in Naples Italy and I asked quite a few baristas about good home machines - which is how I first heard of yours.
    Looking forward to its arrival.
  • hi david

    i will be despatching your machine later today

    kind regards

  • I too stepped up from a long-time affair with a La Pavoni to a Londinium. I still have the LP, but it never occurs to me to use it. There is simply no comparison.
  • The little Pavoni can be a life saver when you have to leave the home for a short trip into the world where coffee is awful.
  • Some place in the world where the coffee is terrible,... Like America? :)
  • Just a quick follow up, the L1 arrived last Friday.
    I wasn't expecting for weeks and it was here in days!
    What a wonderful machine!
    Fit and finish are spot on. I couldn't be happier.

    A particular touch that I want expecting was Reiss contacting and working directly with me vs a sales engineer. It felt like I was buying the machine fro Reiss. Tough to describe as I'm not used to such a personal touch like that.

  • thank you for taking the time to write david. reiss.
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