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Londinium Brazilian Beans

I have been using Reiss's Brazilian beans for the last couple of months and re-ordered in the last week of November.

Reiss had informed me that he had changed the roasting profile for these beans so I was expecting something different when I started to use them.

When I received them from Reiss, there was a few days before the resting period would expire and I added them to my E10 hopper so that there was a continuous weight and supply and in due course the new beans would reach the bottom of my hopper.

Yesterday Marilyn who does not drink coffee positively commented on the new aroma from the machine but I had a milk based drink so it wasn't as apparent to me. That changed later in the day when I pulled a 27g espresso in 38sec using the standard 16gm basket. What a creamy mouthful of pure flavour! Slightly sweet, balanced fruitiness and as smooth as silk. Wow!!

The photo shown below is of a slight quicker shot (26gm in 33sec) which was remarkable in that there was more fruit and nuttiness but not quiet as smooth as the first.

If you need a standard by which to measure other beans, please try these!




  • hi trevor

    thank you for taking the time to post

    i look forward to widening our bean selection in 2016, there are a few choices in terms of sourcing so it will be interesting

    step one is to deploy our new website next week so we can deliver accurate shipping charge for multiple locations

    kind regards

  • I just opened a bag of these beans this afternoon and ran three shots through the L2. Really impressed.
  • thank you cade.
  • Heres some pics of the Brazilian beans running this morning - Trevor I hope you dont mind me posting here rather than opening a new thread..:



  • Not in the slightest! Great photos and great looking espresso.
    I can't wait for the L1 kit that should get me closer to your L2 shots..
  • Thanks Trevor. I have have been fortunate to be able to look at and taste the shots from an L1 fitted with a pre-production version of the upgrade. I am sure you will enjoy the new system. Looking forward to hearing about your results when the time comes...
  • looking good cade. thank you for taking the time to post.
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