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"sound proofing" the water pump

Has anybody tinkered w/ sound proofing the vibratory pump.

If so were you successful in muffling the vibratory sound?


  • Hi Doug
    It's not a bad idea
    I think the easiest way would be to remove the plumbing beside the solenoid that passes through the mounting bracket on the side of the water box
    Then drill out the hole in the mounting bracket and fit a vibration absorbing grommet, probably in a soft silicone, but perhaps nolethane like they use in suspension mounts could also work
    The vibration from the pump is transferred to the water box via this mounting bracket, which in turn makes the top panel resonate
    It's on the list of refinements to add one day
    Kind regards
  • good idea, seems simpler than my idea of wrapping it w/ a product called Dynamat
  • I wish I had about 75sqft of that dynamat to insulate my car!

    Reiss's suggestion is a good one if you cannot go the ultimate route of sound proofing; put the pump in a box somewhere for storage and plumb the machine in directly. Then you will have silence or close to it.
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