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How long have I got after opening the bag?

I've been buying and drinking just one bean recently - Brazil, Fazenda Passeio, yellow icatu, natural - which has enabled me to get a good sense of how best to dial in and brew it. One thing I've discovered is that after five days, if I haven't finished the contents of a bag, the coffee has become so stale that it is impossible to dial in and the tastes aren't worth chasing anyway.

This seems to me an important result as it enables me to make date forecasts as to when to take a new bag out of the fridge. I wonder if all Londinium's roasted beans have a similar window.


  • Of the current crop of Londinium beans, I have tried the Brazil, the Columbian, the Bolivian and the Rwandan... My favourite has been the Rwandan and I have just landed five kilos....

    It would be interesting to know how you store your opened bag, because I find that far from staling, most Londinium coffees actually get better with age... Something to do with keeping the bean hard by not over-roasting.

    So no, Matthew, I don't think Londinium beans do have such a window.

    What do others think?
  • Thank you for your reply, Stephen. Regarding storage, when I open a fresh bag (after waiting the requisite days for it to degas), I decant the contents into five airtight containers, like so:


    I store these in a cool cabinet. I usually reach the fifth container after 5-6 days, and I find that the coffee within has notably deteriorated.
  • The best way to store coffee is in it's original foil bag.

    After opening the bag, just remove as much air as you can from the bag and roll the upper part of the bag a few of times and put a strong clip to hold it from the top.

    Leave the bag in a cool and dark place and the coffee will last a lot more than 5-6 days.

    The cans you use are not good for storing roasted coffee(infact any can isn't), there is a lot of air inside and coffee will go stale quickly.

  • I agree that when storing coffee beans, it is vital to ensure that there is as little air in the container as possible. I do use bags a lot of the time, but I can also recommend the cans from Planetary Design:

    I was referring to this in my last comment when I mentioned my Londinium Rwandan beans. I have the little bronze coloured one (second left at the beginning of the video)...

    Londinium colours!
  • I use the same canisters. I have about 4 of them for the different beans on hand.
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