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Londinium R very strange problem, please help


please help to advise me to do.

the Pump is still working ( I can hear the noise) . However, there is no water go through the boiler. The water level in the tank is the same . I was forced to turn off Londinium R immediately .

I found out the water is leaking .

please help.

please show me how to post a video.


  • dear hung vo

    thank you for posting

    publish your video clip to a video hosting website of your choice, for example youtube and vimeo are two popular choices, and there are many others also, then copy and paste the url into the icon at the bottom left of the space that you write your post in that looks like this <>

    let me know if you have any further trouble posting your video clip

    kind regards


  • Thanks for your advice

    please look, there is a lot water leaking.

  • when i click on your link i am taken to Vimeo where it says;

    Sorry, we couldn’t find that page

    can you please check and correct the link? - perhaps one character is missing or perhaps the video is marked as private or some other restriction preventing public viewing?

    kind regards


  • edited November 2020

    Sorry , it is new to Vimeo.

    please try this :

  • hi

    that works

    you have the original Ceme pressure switch which has failed

    the replacement part is this Mater pressure switch;

    if you do not have any liquid thread sealant or plumber's thread tape (ptfe/teflon tape) we also offer a liquid thread sealant;

    you will need a 17mm wrench to fit the Mater pressure switch

    if you find that the Mater pressure switch is too close to the frame when you come to screw it in place you can remove the copper pipe that the Mater pressure switch fits onto, fit the pressure switch to the pipe, and then refit the pipe to the machine

    do not open the Mater pressure switch

    i think if you replace the pressure switch the boiler should fill, but it is possible that there could also be an issue with the solenoid

    if i were to advise i would suggest getting a solenoid at the same time to keep the delivery cost down

    kind regards


  • Dear Reiss

    Thanks for your quick help

    So I should order the Mater pressure switch;

    to replace the "fail one"

    It looks a bit different . do you need me to show the serial number of the Londinium R?

    please send me the link of solenoid. Thanks

  • edited November 2020

    yes the Mater pressure switch replaces the Ceme switch that you have

    the link to the solenoid would be;

    again, you probably have a Parker inlet solenoid, whereas this one is a Sirai inlet solenoid, but it is a direct replacement

    kind regards


  • Thanks

    About the Master pressure switch , the wire are yellow and pink . I am not sure the correct connection for the replace one in the link.

    Please tell me. Thanks

  • you can see me address this issue in an earlier post;

    orange wire on the top terminal

    middle terminal no wire

    red wire on bottom terminal

  • Hi Reiss

    thanks for your advice about solenoid. I think it is ok due to the fact that the machine is not used much . Just only 2 cappuccino very morning , especially 1 month holiday away from home every year.

    Having watched your video, it seems that if I buy a digital pre-infusion module, I do not need Mater pressure switch any more. Is it true?


  • yes, that is correct. note that if the piston seals have been in place for a while, i.e. hardened with the heat, that they may leak when you set the pressure transducer to higher settings than the machine has been running at with the Ceme pressure switch governing the pre-infusion pressure

    accordingly i suggest ordering a set of piston seals if this scenario applies to you as it is a pain having to place a second order

    kind regards


  • Dear Reiss

    Sorry for my interrupting. Please help define the terminal. Please look at the photo . As far as I understand, the TOP terminal is in my photo?


    The Orange wire on the TOP terminal

    The bottom terminal is Red wire

  • Thanks,

    Do I need PTFE tape or not ?

  • edited December 2020

    probably, but dont let the tape go below the bottom of the thread or you run the risk of a whisp of tape making its way up into the inside the the pressure switch or obstructing the entry, which will result in the incorrect actuation of the switch.

  • edited December 2020

    Good morning Reiss

    Thank you very much . You are so helpful. It is a simple job. All are done

    Now we think about the water filter. To be honest, we did not use lamescale filter you supply with the machine. It is still brand new in the box simply because we use only Volvic water bottles all the time.

    we are think about buying limescale kit test from your website , then buy Brita water filter jug .

  • hi hung

    thanks for reporting back

    kind regards


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