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New to me Londinium from 2012

Hello :)

After years of looking at the Londinium machines, i finally managed to buy one second hand (i live in Denmark).

It has lived a hard life with minimal cleaning... So it needs a bit of love.

I would like to ask for help of the following things:

  • The steam seems wet and even after purging for up to 10-20 seconds it dosent get better (look at attached video). The level probe seems to be places right.
  • I tried to flush 260 ml, it took the pumps 22 seconds to stop running after that... is that normal?
  • Would it be wise to change the old solenoid valve, or other things?

Are there any things worth looking or changing because of the "vintage" machine.

Steaming Video:


  • wooops.

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  • thanks for posting

    based on the video posted, i cant see any problem with the steam; sure it is condensing on the stainless drip tray, but this is entirely consistent with my expectations (the drip tray is cooling the steam/water vapour)

    the low water alarm does turn on to protect the pump after it has been running for a time and has not refilled the boiler to the maximum level. 260mL sounds a bit low, so it may be due to a tired piston pump, partly occluded inlet solenoid valve or non return valve. it is worth taking the solenoid apart and cleaning it and likewise for the non-return valve. personally i would run with the pump until it fails as an under delivery isnt really doing any harm

    kind regards


  • there is an instructional video on how to clean the solenoid valve in the permanent file

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