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Reiss, you've been busy!

Please tell us about the new (formerly top secret) product you've released. How does the R24 differ from the LR? And of course, those of us with the LR might like to know if any updates can be retrofitted in a practical manner...



  • hi michael

    lets address the bad news first

    there is no upgrade path as the internals and components of the LR24 are all 24VDC, as opposed to mains voltage and AC, other than the immersion elements of course which remain unchanged

    secondly the price has risen quite a lot, but to compensate for this we have introduced the LONDINIUM I Compressa, whereby we take a LONDINIUM R and strip out the pump, the tank, the pressure transducer, and the wireless control; so the Compressa needs to be plumbed in and out

    the difference between the LONDINIUM R and the LONDINIUM R24 can be seen in the video below

    there are no external differences

    [video width=425 height=344 type=vimeo]429510140
  • Reiss,

    That is indeed quiet!!!!

    Are you also making changes on the relay that cycles to turn on the heating element? That would be the only thing left making any kind of noise that I have seen a few folks complain about.
  • hi jaime

    we still use a 30A Sirai pressure switch to regulate the boiler pressure

    kind regards

  • Ohhh okay, so this was actually an upgrade. I read very early on threads about that change. So we are talking about that part that initially was 20 amp, switched to 30A.

    Again, not an issue with me. I ran into a comment from a would be owner that went with another machine because of that...

    Loving my LR.
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