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Caring for Wood Accents

I'm eagerly awaiting delivery of my LR and I thought I'd check in and see what people use to care for the wooden handles on the LR. I've seen reference to beeswax, linseed oil, mineral oil, etc. Has this community reached any kind of consensus? Do the handles come pre-treated with anything that would limit options?



  • I got mine recently as well. Manual, page 19:
    The solid wenge wooden handles have been supplied untreated. As soon as the
    machine arrives treat all the wenge with a butcher's block wax/conditioner to
    prevent the wood from drying out

    I got some of that Beeswax wood and butchers block conditioner for mine...

    And a good recommendation that I followed (well... after asking Reiss a few questions and realizing all of them were covered in the manual, lol)... read the manual a few times before setting up the machine. Everything went very smooth doing that.

    Congratulations on your new LR. You are going to love it!
  • Forgot the photos... this smells so good... but whatever the temptation, do not eat it! lol...


    I put two coats/rubs on it... not sure if that is enough for now...
  • Thanks Jaime!
  • I do a fair bit of woodwork, chopping boards / wooden spoons etc and can recommend a simple 1:4 or 1:5 mix of melted beeswax to walnut oil. It’s food safe, easy to make, cheap and will protect the wood. You can reapply as often as you like. Google “diy spoon butter” and you’ll find plenty of recipes. :)
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