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L1 in Finland

I'm thinking of buying an L1 to be used in Finland, Helsinki area. Are there any local customers who could help me with getting the right pressure reducing valve, pressure gauge and filter? Or point me in the right direction. I have already talked to Kaffecentralen and Kahvilaitehuolto.

As a bonus they should be as small as possible as I don't have that much space.


  • is there any customer from finland able to help out on this one?
  • I'm not in Finland, but wouldn't a local espresso or coffee supply business offer something similar to these from Chris' Coffee in the USA?

    Edit: Alternatively perhaps you could search on "John Guest fittings" and "water filtration and softening", and find some other form of distributor near you. The John Guest fittings are super easy to work with - no experience is required.
  • As I am waiting to receive my L1, I thought I would share my water source set up for the next guy from Finland.

    Thanks to Reiss and this forum for helping me figure things out!

    The set up up is the following:


    Water inlet -> filter -> flushing valve -> pressure reducing valve -> pressure gauge -> L1

    The filter and pressure reducing valve I got from

    The pressure reducing valve: di pressione a pistone/_resources/_0202/_package/EN_0202.pdf


    All the rest of the stuff I got from a local plumber.

    Let's see how things work out =)
  • A brief update on my part. I got the L1 yesterday. It only took 2 days to come home after it was finished at the factory.

    Took me some time to set up and get it hooked up. I had a minor issue with a squealing sound when the lever was at maximum pressure as the expansion valve was open a bit too much. I got really good and fast support from Reiss even though it was early hours in NZ (didn't realize it till afterwards). Thanks a lot Reiss!

    I have already been able to draw great shots from the L1! I'm using a 3 bar line pressure and doing a 3 second pre-infusion with a medium roast monsoon malabar.


    I knew Londinium lever machines were great as my brother has had one for five years (L1 with a reservoir, pre 2016).

    Great machine, superb support and I am really looking forward to getting better acquainted with my L1!
  • Wow. Lovely setup. Out of curiosity was there a particular reason why you went for the L1 for what looks like home use (larger boiler, 240v requirement, etc.)?

    I'm fond of the 'new' L1 (former L1-P) -- and sorry about the recent price increase -- but I don't currently have the space nor able to accommodate plumbing in (although in a pinch there's the Flojet, I suppose). I'm the main espresso drinker in the house and the LR works well but I like the gently rounded, classic, looks of the L1. I'd love a L1 with a 5+ liter boiler but maybe that's a moot point; besides, another advantage of the larger boiler is the Pstat doesn't ping as often.

    Will be curious how often you change the preinfusion pressure. Or if 3 bar gives you pretty much what you want.

  • It's a beauty indeed! Thanks for posting the photo.

    With my L1 (the L1-P) I stick to 2 and 3 bar, using the 3 bar line pressure practically all the time, only reverting to 2 bar when I have darker beans.
  • Hi!

    Well I had the plumbing ready with my previous machine. The L1-P is silent which is a big upside and with the plumbing it is hassle free!

    The Londinium is superb! My bean consumption has really gone up. I'm pulling shots all the time as I get top quality coffee with every pull. To ensure homogeneous quality of shots I use the Londinium distribution funnel and tool. I also have found the ONA Coffee Distributor V3 to be great.

    I really have not had to adjust the line pressure that much after I found a good pressure with pre-infusion time varying between 2-10 seconds with different coffees. I mostly use medium dark roasts. I did drop it with a really dark roast to 2 bar. The pressure I am mostly using is 3.4 bar with no water flowing. When the water flows it is 2.8 bar. It is unclear to me which pressure is the one I should be talking about (please let me know).
  • hi aapo

    we to refer to the static water pressure, i.e. water not flowing through the puck

    kind regards

  • Hi Aapo,

    Thanks (all) for the write-up and information about your line pressure settings. I'm usually at 2.5 bar on the LR so I guess I am more or less splitting the difference. ;) Rarely go above 4 bar.

    Mine is located under kitchen cabinets so filling the tank gets a little old and awkward (I use a funnel and plastic tubing). If I had the opportunity to plumb in I'd seriously consider it.

    L1 Compressa is a nice and very sensible option but I'd still miss the more pleasing lines of the L1! :)

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