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Water Level Probe Tephlon Tube is stuck

I noticed recently that the steam coming out of my 2016 L1 steam wand contained more water than before. I read in the permanent file that the water level probe may need cleaning. I removed the yellow wire and then successfully removed the 11 mm nut while holding the 17mm nut with a wrench. The teflon tube did not come out with the 11 mm nut and it appears to be stuck inside the boiler. I tried twisting the teflon tube to loosen it, but it does not move. I believe the teflon tube is threaded, but I tried both counter clockwise and clockwise to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would also appreciate suggestions on what solvent to use to clean the water level probe.


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    why do you need to get the teflon sleeve out?

    just clean the level probe and put it back and tighten it up and i think it will work fine

    use a descaling acid to remove the limescale and mineral deposits from the probe

    dont use a pot scourer or other abrasive as you will scratch the surface of the probe, which then makes it easier for future deposits to key onto the surface of the probe, making it more difficult for you to remove future deposits

    apologies for the delayed response

    kind regards

  • Reiss, Thank you for your timely response to my question. I misunderstood about pulling the yellow wire off of the probe. I had pulled it from the Gicar. I had tried pulling it from the probe, but it would not budge. Any help you can give me on how to get it off would be much appreciated. In addition, if I pull the probe straight up and through the teflon tube, after cleaning it, is it critical to mark it to make sure it is reinserted at the exact same depth into the boiler?
  • hi Budd

    im not sure i fully understand your situation, but there is a junction/terminal box that connects the top of the probe to the end of the yellow wire

    if for some reason you wanted to disconnect the wire from the probe you would unscrew one of the two screws in the terminal box and that will release either the probe from the yellow wire, or vice versa depending on which screw you undo. no pulling is needed

    when you put the probe back in push it all the way in to the right angle bend

    kind regards

  • Reiss, Thank you for your help. After reading your directions on how far in the probe should be, I saw that the bend on my probe is a full 3 cm above where it is inserted into the teflon tube. I wonder if that is the reason that I have so much water in my steam. My current problem is that I cannot budge the probe either up or down. I was able to remove the probe from the terminal box per your directions. If you have any suggestions on how I might remove the probe or push it down, I would appreciate your help again.
  • hi budd

    yes that will definitely cause the boiler to fill higher than it should with water

    to push it down wriggle it left and right, perhaps 20 degrees of angle each way and as you do this exert gentle downward force and it will slide downwards

    kind regards

  • Reiss,
    Your advice was spot on. It took a while , but I was able to twist the probe down into the boiler. After putting everything back in place, I turned the Londinium on and after bringing the boiler up to temperature, flushed a large amount of water out of the boiler before the boiler needed any refilling. I had plumbed in the Londinium since I first purchased it, and have been meticulous about proper balance of the water, so I was surprised that there might be scale on the probe. I am relieved to find that it was the depth of the probe instead that was the cause of too much water in the steam wand.

    I want to express my gratitude for your help. Lifetime support is extremely rare in business. In the nearly 4 years that I have owned my Londinium, I had never had to do a repair. Because I kept up with scheduled maintenance, I hadn't had a need to contact you. It is reassuring to know that should another problem arise, I can count on you to help walk me through its resolution.

    Sincere in appreciation,
    Budd Glassberg
  • thank you for coming back to post how it ended Budd; it is appreciated. reiss
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