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Some drops of clear water bypassing portafilter

Just in case this is helpful to anyone else: in the last two days I've noticed a few drops of clear water falling beside my cup during pre-infusion on my LR. I removed the shower screen to inspect the basket and did find a little bit of grinds built up on the seal just above where it was leaking, but cleaning that didn't resolve the problem.

I had been tightening the portafilter to about 6:30, looking down from above. It felt snug and never leaked before. After searching on group seals here, I saw a post by Reiss suggesting another user tighten to at least 6:00 during a pull to ensure a good seal.

That solved my problem. No need to replace the shower screen gasket (yet), nor do the group seals.


  • My girl friend had a similar issue with her L-R. During pre-infusion a little shower of clear water fell from the outer ring of the group. I thoroughly cleaned the shower screen with the specialized detergent for shower cleaning, rinsed the rubber ring, and the part of the group that the portafilter locks into. After that the issue was sorted. I didn't replace anything.
  • Tip: The “Espazzola” is an excellent tool for keeping the group, seal & shower screen free of grinds & clean as a whistle. :>)
  • Yep - I have one and use it daily. Actually I have two - one for a backup - and I'm glad I did it that way. The inserts (supposedly) are sold separately, but a couple months ago I opted in to be notified when they're available and I haven't heard a peep from the vendor.
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