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Grinding mess

Still very happy with my L1 after several years. Only had to replace one LED..

I would be happy to get your help regarding the Grinder though

My Grinder is the Compak E8, how can I reduce the grinding mess around .
I am not talking when the fabric part inside goes twisted and send the coffee side ways.
But the regular mess around, I always have so much waste in the kitchen, there is coffee powder everywhere around the grinder..
I'd rather have this in my portafilter (and make my wife happy ;))

Can't use a funnel because of the portafilter support on grinder...

Did some of you manage to sort this out?
Or do you have another great grinder to recommend?

thanks for your input and have a fantastic 2020!


  • When I had the E8 this was not an issue. Have you tried different beans? Some beans are much more prone to static electricity and the grinds tend to fly around, but much more than in your picture.

    In your picture it does not seem an extreme mess.

    Have you cleaned the grinder, taking all beans out, vacuum cleaning the parts where beans fall into the grinder, cleaning the chute?
  • hi Gilles

    thanks for posting

    i suppose my first question is; how many doses have been ground in the image above? is it one? is it one hundred?

    if it is one it is annoying, of course. i think you are going to get a certain level of mess regardless of grinder, and i think you could spend a lot of money trying to prove otherwise

    the simple solution might be to purchase a paint brush that blends in nicely with your kitchen decor and resign yourself to brushing the mess up regularly

    you could try grinding into a tumbler instead i suppose, one that you would hold up under the exit chute, then pour the contents of the tumbler into the portafilter

    i suspect you already know, but the retaining forks for the portafilter on the grinder are height adjustable with a grub screw - if they are set too low the portafilter kind of hangs down at an angle an may result in more coffee being spilt than is necessary

    kind regards

  • Hi Franz, good ideas. no I actually never cleaned the grinder...might start by this. Also agree that picture shows less mess that I can see, or may be my brian is playing tricks because I like a clear space. thanks a lot!
  • Hi Reiss,
    Mr Dyson replaces the brush daily, this was the results after 2 espressos (may be 3... I confess). I might anyway start by a big cleaning to see.
    Yes the portafilter size is adjusted correctly.
    I even tried several tube (plastic, metal..) to avoid the mess, without success.

    I appreciate your answers to both. Let's clean the beast and see next, I was hoping that I was doing something wrong...
  • Although I love my Sette270 WI, it does throw coffee all over the place. I much preferred grinding into the anti-static cup and then giving it a swirl before dumping it into the Portafilter with the funnel so I can then use the distribution tool. The dosing cup and distribution makes clumps go away wonderfully. And no cleanup.
  • Hey, how are you coming along? I have an e5 and it’s not too messy. Have you tried the droplet technique using a small spray bottle? If your beans are dry and light roasted there will be more static. Also in a dry climate or winter time with heat on.
    Also try grinding into a cup like this, shake around then pour into pf. Hope this helps! PLA&utm_term=4580702886962423&utm_content=Rancilio PLA Google_Shopping
  • Hi, yes that should work. You can also program the Compak to start grinding when you select the dose on touchscreen.
    The spray bottle (RDT) really does help as well if your single dosing.
  • Gilles post=16489 wrote:
    Can't use a funnel because of the portafilter support on grinder...

    I also have an E8 next to my Londinium, but the portafilter support neatly
    fits the portafilter + funnel (even without holding it, I can grind into the basket)
    It clearly depends on the coffee how much it will spray around, but most if not
    al of the grids end up in the funnel in my setup.

    (the photo is after 4 doses without any brushing)
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