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Found- L1 pre-R in US

Just wanting to check if there is an L1 out there 2015-'16 and close enough to be able to meet in the IA, IL, MO area. I want one with the pump as I don't have the ability to direct plumb. I prefer to avoid shipping since DHL is not available. If you know of a direct LTL shipping company that could be an option. I want to avoid UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

I am familiar with Londiniums. I don't need the adjustable pre-infusion and rotary pump, so I am checking if someone had an older model that's in great condition, good filtered water was used, and you are wanting to sell.

Let me know. Thanks!


  • Roger,
    I have an L1, purchased new 9/16. Always used RO water with additive. Used either Global Customized Water additive or 3rd Wave water additive. It’s in perfect condition. Have original box, paperwork, etc, and tool for changing seals. I really like it a lot. At my second house I have a HX machine that I also like. I might be interested in selling. Am in SE Wisconsin, so kind of in your area. Interested? You can email me....glpath at gmail dot com
  • Thinking of selling my L1...see prev post for details. I’m in Wisconsin, and local pick up would be preferred. $2200. Comes with a number of extras.
  • I'm looking for a machine that is a bit less than this. I have been seeing some in this '15-'16 year for $1,500-1,800.

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