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Londinium R 2017

I purchased a 2017 Londinium R from the coffee forum in the UK.
Been working fine until yesterday, when the pump remained on after using the hot water tap, I realised it was unusual so turned off the machine.
Tried it this morning, kicked in as usual, but the heater light remained on for longer than normal, so turned off as I feared I may damage the heating element if the boiler was low on water?
I can't seem to access the permanent files, as I assume the R wasn't purchased directly.
Any ideas? is it a rotary pump issue and how long is the expected life span of the pump?
Any help, much appreciated!


  • hi mark

    if you write to me and tell me which account is yours i will add owner permissions to your account to give you full access

    the machine won't boil dry as it has low water protection built in, although using reverse osmosis, distilled, or glacier water will confuse the level probe and result in erratic operation

    the heating element (red light) will not be allowed to come on by the logic board unless the boiler is full

    im sure we'll get it sorted out

    a video is always helpful

    kind regards

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