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What is the difference between the new L1 and the original L1?

What are the differences between the new L1 and the original L1?


  • there is no connection between them

    the L1(2012-16) evolved into the LR

    the machine that started life as the L1-P was then given the L1 name as it is the logical name that it should always have had as architecturally it is simply a shorter length of the 'same sausage' as the L2 and L3 designs

    at the time the L1(2012-16) was created the L2 and L3 did not exist

    kind regards

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  • I’m sorry, I don’t understand?
  • hi there

    if you tell me which bit you dont understand i can revisit in more detail

    kind regards

  • Thank you. (I sent you a “pm” message yesterday, for clarification.)
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