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Suggestions for L-R during Vacation

Hi Reiss!

I'm leaving for a 2 week vacation later this week and was curious as to your recommendations for what to do with the machine during my trip? I'm assuming that it would be best to drain all fluids but not exactly sure how.


Jacob Shapiro


  • hi jacob

    nothing to worry about if you are only going away for two weeks, just make sure things like the milk wand are cleaned well before you leave

    i would probably recommend you pull the white plastic water box and empty it

    the important bit really comes when you restart the machine

    ensure you have v1.4 of the instructions (they are available as a PDF in the permanent file if you do not have them - destroy all earlier versions please) and carefully follow the steps in there for starting the pump for the first time/after a period of inactivity

    once youve got the pump pulling water then i would leave the machine on for at least an hour then pull some water through the group and discard it

    i also recommend drawing perhaps a litre or so of water off the boiler so you refresh that too

    the critical bit is restarting the pump without any air in the clear silicone hose supplying the pump with water

    kind regards

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