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L1 (2012-16) Heating Issue - Thermal Switch?

Recently my L1 (2012-2016) has been experiencing a slightly unusual issue regarding heating. If left on for a long period (12+hours), and then pulling a few shots the heating element would fail to come on, resulting in declining boiler pressure. If I let the machine cool down for a period of time (20 minutes or so), the issue seems to resolve itself.
When this first occurred, I had adjusted the pressure up to 1.4 bar about a week previously. After the issue presented itself for a second time I lowered the pressure to 1.3 bar and it has been fine for the last week, but this morning it returned.

Turning the machine off and then back on causes a mechanical clunking sound to be heard (from the pressure switch or the control unit, not sure which) but no heating element light comes on. The pump has also activated on occasion to refill the boiler, but no heating occurred after the refill. This to me indicates that the control unit and pressure switch are functioning, but the issue is further down the line.

When the machine is functioning normally, the heating element light comes on and I can see the pressure rise on the pressure gauge, which leads me to believe that the element is functioning normally. I believe that there is sufficient water in the boiler at all times, as the pump has come on regularly though out this problem.

The only thing between the controlling items and the element is the high temperature limit stat, which I think is causing the issue. Potentially this could be caused by age and additional heat generated by running my pressure at a higher level than what I have been over the last few years.

I’m in the process of ordering some parts and I’ve added the high temp limit stat and stand-off to my cart and will likely change them out in a couple of weeks.

Am I correct in my thinking, or could there be another issue?


  • hi karl

    you are more than welcome to FaceTime or WhatsApp video call me so i can observe

    based on the information provided and the age of your machine i think you will have the 20A Sirai pressure switch - please confirm

    if you have the 20A Sirai my guess is that it is starting to stick as the coating on the contacts is eroded away

    the solution is to replace with the 30A Sirai that we now fit as standard to all models

    i dont think it will be the thermal fuse as if it tripped it would stay tripped unless you pushed the reset button back in

    it might be worth taking the cover off the Sirai (machine unplugged first) and checking that all of the terminal screws are still tight

    if it were the Gicar id expect it to just go puff and the machine would become completely unresponsive

    kind regards

  • Hi Reiss,

    I can confirm that my machine does have the 30A Sirai pressure switch, as I had an issue a few years ago with the old 20A one and replaced it then.

    I'll pull the cover off the switch and have a look, and probably also remove and reinstall it, just to make sure of the connections.

    If (or when) the issue presents itself again, I'll take some video. It will be difficult to replicate that fault on demand for facetime or skype.
  • hi karl

    i would be astounded if the 30A has failed, but i suppose it is possible

    my suggestion would be that you check that one or both of the screws in the middle terminal pair that are unused have not vibrated loose and dropped into the switch as this will definitely have a detrimental effect and i have seen this occur before

    let me know

  • G'day Reiss, just an update for you and any others interested.

    I got home from work the other day and removed my pstat to check all the terminals. None were outrageously loose, however one terminal had maybe a sixteenth (or less) of a turn to tighten it. I ended up removing all the wires while I was at it to check everything over. All the contacts looked good and I exercised the action of the contacts a few times with no issue. I reinstalled it, making sure everything was secure.

    So far I haven't had a repeat of the initial issue, so the slightly loose terminal may have had something to do with it. I'll be going back to 1.4 bar this afternoon and leave it on overnight to see if I can induce a repeat of the fault or not. Here's hoping it was just that slightly loose terminal!
  • hi karl

    thank you for the update

    the switch has a pressure range up to 1.45 bar off the top of my head so running it at that pressure will not in any way be detrimental

    I'm interested to hear your next report - i doubt we have gotten to the bottom of it yet

    is there any sign of heat damage on the end of the flex where any of the wires connect to the terminal?

    if the pressure switch is not switching (the clicking/arcing noise) that is entirely a mechanical failure of the switch - not in any way the Gicar

  • Hi Reiss, there was no sign of any damage to the flex, everything looked in good condition on the pstat. There's some discolouration on the Gicar unit however.
  • Yes, every single Londinium owner will be able to post an image just like that; for some reason Gicar use a thermal paper for that label, and so it discolours but it in no way indicates damage or failure

    Kind regards

  • Just an update after a month since I reconnected to Sirai, no further occurences of the issue. It may have been a bad connection due to a geographic relocation of 3300km finally manifesting itself, or just a tightening of the connections.
  • nice one karl. thanks for reporting back. reiss.
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