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Pump sometimes sounds stalled when the R is turned on

Around 1 in 30 times, the pump sounds like it's stalled when I turn on the machine. turning it off and on again usually resolves it. Is it safe for the machine to stay in this state, because I would like to use a smart plug to turn it on in the morning.


  • hi martin

    it is safe in the sense that it won't cause you harm, but it is critical that a rotary pump has a continuous supply of water - be sure to download v1.4 instructions as they address this in detail

    as far as using a smart switch goes some of the customers on here have posted in the past some trick they run whereby they set the smart switch to turn off then back on for just a minute or so each evening to ensure the boiler is full of water. in this way the pump does not come on in the morning and disturb them i understand

    a quick search should find it for you

    kind regards

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