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Piston Seal Replacement Tool for Londinium

I am selling a hand-crafted tool used to replace piston seals on the Londinium (or any Bosco-type group). If you've ever tried to replace piston seals on a Londinium/Bosco piston, you would realize how much you needed one of these devices. It works extremely well and its use can be seen in the following link:

My tool is not the same one as shown by fransg, but looks similar and functions identically to the one in the video.

It's been used twice and is in new condition.

Price: $75 + actual shipping
Location: Bay area, CA, USA

Attached files

image image image


  • I’ll buy it! Have been wanting one of these.
    Rob [email protected]
    I’m in code 53092. Let me know how much shipping is and I can PayPal to you.
  • Payment sent....thanks!
  • This item has been sold.
  • To inspire those who want to make such a tool, two examples:

  • Frans,
    Does the one I bought look good?
  • I have not seen yours. Do post a picture once you have it!

    As long as the surface is smooth, one end small enough to slide on the seal and the other end wide and hollow enough to snugly slide deep enough on to the piston, it's fine.
  • Frans,
    There are pictures attached to the listing.
  • A yes. Not sure why they weren't included / displayed and merely attached. Will do below. It looks like the small one of mine.

  • Frans,
    Should work well?
    Thanks, Rob
  • I'll be interested to hear about it from you! Please post pictures.
  • I definitely will. If it works well I have lots of local friends that will be interested in using it!
  • Rob,
    Your tool probably hasn't arrived yet, but it works perfectly! It appears virtually identical to the one on the right in Frans' picture.
  • Michael,
    Looks very similar to one of Frans’. Can’t wait to get it, looks like it comes in Wednesday!
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