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Steam wand issues

Hello everyone!

I apologize if a similar topic already exists, but I was unable to find one for my specific issue.

I have owned my LR for just over 2 years now, and I have encountered a strange issue with my steam wand.

After warming up initially, my pstat will read higher than normal. If I go to use the steam wand, I have a rapid burst of warm air followed by a rapid pressure drop to nothing - the machine then warms up again and my steam wand acts as expected.

I am guessing I may have an issue that requires replacement of some seals, but wanted to come to seek guidance before performing any surgery on the machine.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Thank you!


  • Sounds like a simple case of the anti-vac needing replacemennt (or cleanup).

    Replacing it may be the simplest solution.

    And for now just open the steam valve briefly on startup, when the boiler first heats up and then you will do what the anti-vac normally does for you.
  • hi john

    frans is exactly right in his diagnosis

    you will need 1 x anti vac valve

    1 x loxeal 55-03 thread sealant

    1 x 17mm spanner/wrench

    1 x 12oz engineers hammer/claw hammer at a pinch

    happy to support you through it on HD video on WhatsApp or FaceTime

    you may be able to remove and clean the valve on your machine - it may not need to be replaced - if it is sticking most likely it will be limescale - drop the whole valve in some descaling solution for a couple of hours, rinse and then check that the valve freely slides open and closed and refit. if you sense any binding the valve is not going to function correctly

    kind regards

  • Reiss / Frans,

    Thank you both for your help and prompt reply!
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