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Solenoid/ Sirai problem

Hey Guys,

So i had my fair share of Problems with the LR, now it‘s a new one, which i hope to be able to fix with your help:

Whenever i switch on my machine, the pump Starts filling the boiler, but it runs and runs until the alarm goes off. I looked in this forum and found similar postings, so i took to the Solenoid valve and opened the side going to the boiler. I switched the machine back on, pump started, but out of the open Solenoid came only a steady drop by drop. I unscrewed the whole valve with the sirai on top, started the machine again, and a steady Stream came out of the pipe, which lets me think the Problem lies somewhere inside the Solenoid valve. So i opened it carefully and looked for blocking particles, found none, cleaned it, put it back together, and am now still getting nothing in the boiler.
What should be the next Step? Might the sirai Box in some way be broken thus preventing the water to pass through?
Hoping for much needed Input,



  • When my boiler filled very slowly, I replaced the solenoid and the problem was solved.

    I do plan to someday take the solenoid apart and clean etc, but replacing was much simpler.

    Do ensure the new solenoid is in the right direction, with water flowing from end "1" to end "2"
  • hi julian

    whilst i dont doubt that you may have had issues with the LR we despatched to you on 19 June 2017, would you mind bullet pointing each and every one as i dont seem to have a record of you having any significant issues on this forum or in my email history. if i am not aware that you've got an issue it is difficult to help

    as far as this issue goes you have correctly identified the issue, but did you watch my video on the subject here?

    note that you are looking for a tiny spec of grit that will barely be visible, rather than a large lump; that is all it takes to cause issues in the solenoid valve

    as shown in the video above, you will also need to remove the brass adaptor fitting on the inlet side to inspect the gauze for obstructions

    as frans mentions check that you have the (1) that is stamped on the brass casting connected to the pump (inlet) side and the (2) that is stamped on the brass casting on the boiler (outlet) side when reassembling

    let me know if you are able to unblock the valve if it was not fully disassembled as shown in the video above, or failing that replace the valve, which you can find here;

    note that the valve that will now be supplied has been rebranded (it no longer has the Sirai brand on it) but is the same component

    kind regards

  • I watched your Video, Reiss, but regarding the direction i am not really sure because in your video you point out the small arrow on the side showing the waterflow, but the arrow also points towards the number 1... so i can either appoint the number 1 Rothe boiler or the direction the arrow is showing(2). So you think i should put 2 towards the boiler?
  • hi julian

    my understanding is that your machine has a Sirai branded solenoid as you have referred to it in the title of this thread

    in the video i am taking apart a Parker branded solenoid which we no longer use, but it is very similar and performs the same function

    as you correctly identify the Parker has an arrow on it to indicate the direction of water flow through the solenoid; the arrow head must point towards the boiler

    the direction of flow 'arrow' on the Parker was instead of the (1) and (2) markings found on your Sirai; the Parker does not have the (1) and (2) stampings

    on your Sirai the (1) is the inlet end of the solenoid and water coming from the pump via the manifold needs to connect to (1)

    on your Sirai the (2) is the outlet end of the solenoid and needs to connect to the copper pipe that connects to the heat exchanger in the centre of the end of the boiler

    kind regards

  • Thanks for your fast reply, did as you advised, didn‘t fix it unfortunately. Maybe the sirai just broke, will be looking in the spare parts section now...
  • Just wanted to give a last update to end this thread:
    Valve was ordered wednesday night, arrived today (Germany!), looked exactly like the Old one (sirai as weil) and after installing machine up and running again!
  • Superb Julian! Thanks for telling the end of the story.

    Kind regards

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