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L1 for sale in Wilmington , Delaware USA

I have a 2017 L1 in perfect condition, recently new seals replaced only because was almost two years old , local pickup only so you can test it before buying it , the first espresso shot is on me LOL I will not ship . Reason for selling: moving and my next place is very small no room for direct plumbing either.

Mario Pavesi


  • What price would be reasonable offer for your Londinium? Thanks!
  • I’m so sorry about the delay to your reply, I decided not to sale it, it’s too good of a machine to let it go, right now we are on the road so since I can’t take the large machine with me , I decided just to order an L-R for the coach and keep L-1 for home.

    Thanks for your interest

  • thank you for your reply & update.
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