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Flow Rate Requirment

After months of research, questions and discussions, I will finally be ready to order my LII. Question of flow rate requirement of the LII. I will be installing a filter and want to make sure that I get the correct one to accommodate the flow requirement


  • hi david

    you need a minimum pressure of 1.5 bar for the boiler to fill, measured at the end of the water line where it connects to the machine

    if you want to run lighter roasts you will require more pressure, up to 6 bar in the case of modern super light norwegian style roasts

    for more moderate middle of the road modern roasts around 3.5 bar will suffice

    kind regards

  • In order to get 3.5 bars of pressure how many gpm out of the filter do I need. It is my understanding that the bar of pressure can be fine tuned at the machine. I just need to make sure that the filter will allow a sufficient flow rate in gpm to achieve the proper bars.
    Thank you
  • Forget about flow: just stick a pressure guage on the fitting on the end of the water line that will connect to the machine (ie down steam of all the filtration) and measure the static pressure

    You need at least 1.5 bar for the boiler to fill

    How much pressure you need above 1.5 bar will depend on how light a roast you want to run

    3.5 bar will cover everything up to a medium-light roast, say tonino colour value 85

    Kind regards

  • Got it. Thank you
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