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PI time vs extraction time

LR with 2-6 Mater, Ceado e37s, 17.5g in stock basket, med light roast, Londinium distribution tool, puck distribution tool, light tamp, even flow through bottomless pf.

Higher grind # is courser. PI is time till right before first drop.

#3 grind PI 10s 60s 30g

#3.5 grind PI 8s 50s 30g

#4.5 grind PI 4s 43s 30g

#5.5 grind PI 1s 30s 30g

If I grind for my PI time, 6 sec for instance, I am finding that my extraction time is high and taste is ‘burnt’. To get more towards the 30g in 30s 'ideal' I can open up the grind but then my PI times goes to almost nothing which is not the most relaxing experience. I have the same type of experience with 16g in stock basket as well and over the last year a dozen different coffees.

Any advice?


  • hi jonathan

    try tamping firm (the light tamping advice is for low pre-infusion pressures) as a starting point and report back

    i would expect a 'time to first drip in the cup' of around 13s for a 'med-light' roast


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