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L1 for home use in the US?

This is meant to both get feedback from the community on the idea of getting a L1 for residential use in the US, and also as notes for others who might be thinking the same way as I am.

My current setup:
-La Spaziale Vivalid SII, Monolith Flat, home roasted light to medium blends.
-My favorite cups of all time have come from Slayers or Kees Spirit machines with beans/roasts that have a juicy/citrus flavor. Noble Cafe in Montreal would be a perfect example. I am unable to properly produce that flavor with my SO and blends, SO and blends from local roasters, Panther Coffee's West Coast Espresso, Ritual's Sweet Tooth, and various Ozo and Boxcar coffees. I want a machine that can do it. I don't want to upgrade after this, and I'm not sure I can afford/justify a Slayer. But if this machine won't do that, I'll keep waiting/looking.
-Do you think the L1 will produce the shots I am looking for? Other beans I should try to achieve the flavor I want?

My thoughts on L1 vs LR:
-LR is not tall enough for me. My cabinet height is not an issue, my counters are not tall, and I am 6'3". My Vivaldi sits is on 3" cups on the counter to raise it up and I love it, plus I've heard levers are a little easier to operate if they are on a tall counter.
-My Vivaldi is plumbed/drained, and that is what I want in a new machine. No need for a pump or tank.
-I want a big boiler. We drink mainly 3-4 caps per day plus the occasional caps/Americanos for guests, and we steam giant hot chocolates for the kids and regularly use the hot water tap for teas. Most of the time the Vivaldi can keep up, though back to back teas will bring it to its knees, and it has a 2.5L steam boiler. 7L seems like overkill, and something around 4L seems right.
-What is the duration between the "Pstat click"s for the L1 and how loud? My wife is super sensitive to noises. I'm a little worried about this.

Making the L1 work in the US:
Based on my reading of this forum and asking Reiss, here is what I have gathered.
-You need a 15A 240V circuit. I talked to an electrician and an existing 120V circuit to the kitchen can be converted given that a) no other outlet is on the circuit and b) you have space for a 240V breaker in your box. You could also have an additional line run to the kitchen if you choose.
-The L1 comes with a UK plug, so you need to either cut the cord and replace the plug, or just replace the cord with one of these:
It is a NEMA 6-15 plug so make sure the electrician puts in a compatible outlet.

Other thoughts:
-Leak detector, I haven't used one for my Vivaldi, but Reiss' paranoia in the threads I've read might be rubbing off on me. I found this link from a user but it is in Australia. Does anyone know of a similar US-based simple leak detector?
-I have my Vivaldi running on a Wemo to act as the timer plus the ability to turn it on with my phone. Does anyone know of a 240V/NEMA 6-15 smart plug option to do this? If not, could I keep the UK plug and go with a UK compatible smart plug and install a UK outlet?
-Or should I just forget the smart plug nonsense and just leave it on 24/7?


  • Jordan Williford post=15143 wrote:
    -What is the duration between the "Pstat click"s for the L1 and how loud? My wife is super sensitive to noises. I'm a little worried about this.

  • Thanks, I think.

    Two more things I remembered. First is the obvious advantage of the L1 having a cup warmer vs the LR.
    And also has anyone thought about a mod to mix cool water from the line-in with boiler water for the hot water tap? The GS/3 has this capability.
  • buy a GS/3 is my advice. here we do simplicity and if it all goes wrong you're in with a shot of fixing it yourself.
  • Reiss Gunson post=15195 wrote: buy a GS/3 is my advice. here we do simplicity and if it all goes wrong you're in with a shot of fixing it yourself.

    Let me help: "Hi thanks for the interest. That mod is not something we are planning on offering on our machines due to the added complexity. We try to keep our machines simple and user-serviceable."

    My response: "Ok great Reiss, thanks for the info."
  • Since you are handing out lessons in etiquette you could add; thank you so much Frans for going to all the effort of taking a video to put to bed an unsubstantiated internet rumour that I took as fact.

    Run back to HB and buy their recommendation, but do come back and tell us your post purchase thoughts

    in particular how you find the 'flush any temperature you like' regime to lift the group temperature up from a far too cool idle temp each time you pull a shot which they will tell you is 'no trouble at all' (which incidentally occurs on the idrocompressor too (which is why they had to offer as an extra cost option a 60cc volumetric electric pump to raise the group temp each time you want to pull as shot, but it is so expensive you can not possibly criticise it in public without being accused of heresy)

    you might also want to tell us about the build quality while you are there

    You are seeking advice from a group of embittered old men whose only advice is ‘anything but a londinium’
  • ps, nothing you have raised is new, see here;

    and i will find the second point shortly.
  • and here's the first time Frans graciously took a video of the 'terrible noise of the pressure switch keeping the household awake':
  • The wooden floors in his kitchen are louder, just sayin.
    And not a bad thing btw, very homey
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