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Rwanda Kinunu

Lovin' this one.

16.5g in a 18g vst 30 seconds and a sumptuous nutty chocolate syrup ensues. The recent Londinium coffees have really stepped up a gear I feel


  • thanks for taking the time to reply gino

    i need all the commentary i can on the roasts - good, bad, or indifferent - post it all
  • I just tried this bean. WOW! Excellent fruity tones (can't tell which fruit) with a slight chocolate finish. 15.6g in OEM double basket ground on an HG-One. Pstat set to 1.2bar max.

    Very similar to the Brazilian Yellow Bourbon that Reiss provided a 14 months ago when I first received my L-I.
  • I received Reiss' Rwanda beans roasted on 4/9 and waited the recommended 18-days, well almost :D, to start pulling shots. Ambient room temp of 60*F, 1.2 BAR pstat, 16g @ 27 seconds; Pharos. Although big taste in the cup it seems a little sour. I've varied grind and bean volume between 15-16 grams and seems the aforementioned combo is the best I can muster.

    Just wondering if this bean/roast needs a little higher water temp? Or should I try bigger bean volume and dial up the Pharos 10-20 degrees +?
  • hi dan
    if you are at 60F 1.2bar is going to be too low
    i suggest 1.5bar for 60F ambient
    you will also be able to tell the brew temp is too low as the crema will be pale & insipid
    for that roast i would normally use a dose of 18g +/-0.5g - this is where the IMS basket i mentioned is in a class of its own - nothing else comes close for up dosing on LONDINIUM lever espresso machines
    4s pre-infusion - the more time i have spent with the L1 the more i have noticed that long brew times turn it from espresso into cafetiere style coffee - you lose the clarity/definition in the taste - only use a longer pre-infusion if you have high ambient temps and have had to drop the boiler pressure down to 1.0-1.1 bar as a result
  • Ok...just ran a shot at 1.4 bar and the taste is much closer to the proverbial bull's eye...thanks! All jacked up for today but going to try 1.5 bar tomorrow.

    I'm using the OEM basket...could try to push up a little from 16g but most often find the lack of head space to be an issue with spritzing; might be able to push 17g with this lighter roast bean.

    The IFS basket dealio, via Parts Guru, turned out to be a fiasco so I waived the white flag with them until someone else stateside brings them in...

    As always thank you very much for fast attentive assistance!
  • Have just reacquainted myself with this. Such a winner and even better with an IMS - at least in terms of consistency. 17.2g in at 30 secs and you have caramel nutty stone fruit beauty. My personal favourite anywhere.

    Hope the roastery move is going well Reiss and that Kinunu will continue to be one of the flagships
  • So what is the status on the Kinunu? Is it still available??

    Is there something as sweet and smooth that Reiss is now selling? He no longer offers the Brazil Yellow Bourbon.
  • hi stephen

    the rwandan kinunu is still available

    over time we have moved from being a relatively dark roaster to a relatively light roaster, reflecting a shift in the green beans that we purchase

    the bolivian we have yields a pineapple and passionfruit acidity which i like a lot - think of it as a brazilian coffee with a pineapple and passionfruit tang laid over the top

    once i get the L1-P out the door the focus will completely swing back to two core issues; coffee and an extensive enhancement of the website, in particular enhancing our ability to ship from multiple locations

    we have some back office web enhancements going in this month which should free up a bit more of my time, but they will not be customer impacting

    if anyone thought we might exit coffee roasting, whilst we have considered it, we have decided to go in the opposite direction; we are going to re-double our efforts on the roasting front and secure an even higher level of quality and we are going to completely re-cast our pricing mechanisms to make in an intensely attractive proposition for owners of LONDINIUM lever espresso machines to buy their coffee from us. it won't be cheap in absolute terms, but it will be extremely aggressively priced for the quality we will offer, even with the shipping factored in. we want to take some lessons from Apple and offer more of a walled garden experience for lever espresso, where we can meet all your lever espresso needs. over time we will also develop some interesting bolt-ons for our machines that can be retro-fitted to further enhance the user experience

    we're a long way from the finished article!

  • Thanks for the info Reiss.

    I just ordered some beans from your offerings and would like the arrival to coincide and ready to use for the testing of the new LI-P with my existing L-I. I know the beans need to "rest" before using so hope fully I will have the beans at their prime when the new machine arrives.

    BTW, PayPal is not working on your Web Site.
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