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pressure transducer kit


What is the estimated price?


  • hi pawel

    i have not set the price yet as the costs aren't all in, but i expect it to be in the GBP250-300 range

    kind regards

  • Thanks, fair price.
  • Reiss, you also wrote: "and it enhances reliability".
    Can you explain it bit more? Usually adding complexity, electronics creates more points of failure. Here you belive that the components you are using are more reliable then Mater p-stat that is now standard in LR?
  • the pressure transducer eliminates a mechanical switch

    i'll guarantee you the pressure transducer is more reliable; it is my primary motivation for introducing the kit

    it also offers a much wider operating range of pressure than a mechanical switch can
  • Add me to the waiting list then :)
  • Hi Reiss,

    Prior to the availability of a wireless app, what is the means of accessibility, requiring side panel removal or replacement side with suitable aperture?

  • hi tony

    correct, just like the status quo, pop a panel off - no tools required

    kind regards

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