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LR Extractions with 22g dose, medium/light roast

Hey Reiss -

was wondering how much weight you extract with lighter roasts + larger doses? do you still aim for 27g/27s or 30g+ ?



  • hi dan

    im use the IMS 18-20g basket as my default basket

    surprisingly it will hold 24g of a super light roast that needs a fine grind, but is more comfortable with 23g

    i would then go for a brew/shot weight of 23g initially and extend it to perhaps 30g if i felt it was too overpowering at a brew ratio of 1:1

    a flow rate of 1g/s is still a good place to start, which you can adjust from if necessary

    obviously with a large, finely ground, dose i am running an elevated pre-infusion pressure, currently 5.5 bar at the pressure transducer (giving 4.5 bar at the puck) and the pre-infusion time is getting up towards 15s

    kind regards

  • I wonder what your extraction range is?
    I could go to 17g to 30g for medium-dark roast and get over 19%, but even with this roast at 1:1 ratio I got under-extracted coffee 17.5% I think.

    With light roast at 2:1 I get over 20%, so maybe if I was aiming for lower extraction...
  • i dont measure it - i use my tongue

    with a super light roast the challenge is getting enough body and reigning in the acidity

    a pre-infusion pressure of 4.5 bar at the puck achieves this

    if you run the shot too long you start to lose the body and you begin to wonder if it is espresso any more

    your tongue is a very important tool in the process

    23g dose in a 23g brew weight is over whelming for some people's taste

    kind regards

  • I agree tongue is quite good tool and I can more easily say whether I underextracted (mostly very unbalanced acid).

    However if we want to extract as much as we can, I would say it would depend on equipment, coffee and technique.
    At one point a slightly higher extraction looses something in coffee.

    Though knowing your TDS would be interesting, because at 1:1 ratio it is directly extraction yield.
    So 16% vs 18 or even 20% will fill totally different (even if we just dissolve sugars ;) ).
  • hi lukasz

    i dont wish to upset you, but we are chasing rainbows here

    the coffee i am using is different from the coffee you am using

    my taste in coffee is unlikely to match yours

    the point of the pressure transducer is to first and foremost improve reliability and secondly it brings the capability of the L1/2/3 design to the LR with the ability to change the configuration of the machine with no tools and without the need to independently verify the change, eg with a pressure gauge mounted in a portafilter

    to this end i purchased a high quality single origin roast here in Auckland and wanted to show that with elevated pre-infusion it could be given body and the acidity could be brought into a range that makes it palatable to drink, rather than a thin mean glass of lemon juice

    the exact numbers for the shot are useless unless you are planning to buy a bag of it from coffee roasters here in Auckland

    kind regards

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