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Couple of questions about L-R


I am quite set on getting Londinium R now, however there are two questions that don't let me sleep.

To start with, I have not had a shot from a lever machine, never mind Londinium! Is there any shop that has Londinium anywhere in Scotland? Seeing it in flesh and tasting would certainly be an easier decision to make. The general consensus on the forums is that lever profile is one to strive for, but it's hard to believe that without trying it myself.

The second thing I am a bit worried is the general loudness of the warm up cycle. My current machine warms up in a matter of minutes (Sage Duo Temp Pro - not the most temperature stable group, mind you!). I sleep roughly 5 meters away from where the current machine is located and I am worried that the pump kicking in and pressure stat clicking would wake me up an hour before the alarm goes off.



  • hi there

    there is an L2 here;

    Natural Food Kafe
    55 Clerk Street
    Edinburgh EH89JQ

    i dont know if it is competently operated, but it is i think the first L2 i ever sold and the store has changed hands since but the L2 is still there

    i cant vouch for the second part of the question as i know the pressure switch would not wake me, but if you are a light sleeper then all bets are off i guess

    kind regards

  • Regarding the pump kicking in - you can switch the LR on very briefly in the evening when cool to give it a chance to fill the boiler so it doesn't do it in the morning.

    I have my LR set on an electronic switch which turns the machine on at 6:00 am and then off at about 17:30. It then switches on again at 20:15 for one minute. There is about a 5 second fill and then it just starts warming up before switching off again. When it comes on in the morning it doesn't fill the boiler and you just hear the click and the water starts heating. I guess there is some sort of difference in pressure (or possibly something in the controller) that means at 17:30 it thinks the boiler is full enough but at 20:15 when everything is cooler it registers as not full.

    I am pretty sure this approach works consistently because there is a very light sleeper in our house in a room above the kitchen and they do not wake up when the LR fires up.
  • thank you for your contribution adam. kind regards, reiss.
  • Thanks Reiss and Adam. I am going to Edinburgh this weekend to get a shot from a Londinium. Excited!

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