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Londinium 1 pump not working

Hi Reiss et al,

I’ve got a second-hand L1, built January 2016.

It’s been working flawlessly for the last year, but yesterday it starting behaving as if there is no water in tank: on turning on, the vibe pump makes the loud metallic sort of noise that is made when the tank is empty. After about 1 minute, the Gicar starts beeping.

I’ve opened it up and the pipe from tank to pump is intact.

Does this represent a dead pump, or are there any more checks I need to do before replacing it?




  • hi arnab

    thanks for posting - the way to go

    the gicar is designed to alarm and turn off the pump and heating element if the water level in the boiler is not raised to the max level on the sensor within about 25 seconds

    if you undo the boiler end of the pressure hose on the outlet side of the pump and direct it into a bowl you can turn the machine on and see if the pump is moving water

    if the pump is moving water, then the solenoid is either partially or fully obstructed, but given you say the pump is making unpleasant noises i expect the pump is probably toast

    im sure it goes without saying to take care with water and electricity - if you are uncomfortable undertaking any or all of the above please call me on FaceTime ([email protected]) or WhatsApp (+642040564412)

    kind regards

  • Thanks Reiss.

    Have disconnected and checked, and there is inflow to, but no outflow from the pump.

    Am I right in thinking that I want to order this part:

    “230V/50Hz piston pump”

    from the parts section of the store?

  • hi arnab

    well, that will depend on whether you have a 240V or 120V machine

    if you have a 120V machine you will want this version of the pump;

    please confirm as i see you have ordered the 240V version already

    kind regards

  • I have 240v machine, so order appears correct.

    Will post back once resolved, or if I’m struggling to fit.

  • hi arnab

    i have added owner privileges to your account so you will now be able to access the Permanent File

    in there, thanks to owner Peter Redrup, you will find step by step instructions on how to replace your pump;


  • Reiss,

    Pump arrived today and fitted without incident, so I’m back up and running. The new one is strikingly quieter than the old one, which is a nice bonus.

    Thanks for the help!

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