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Dose less in large basket

Still using my Pavoni occasionally and it still compares quite good to the Londinium. Of course high volume and steaming milk is not that good, but the one or two espressi before it overheats are very creamy and most of the time reflect the origin and roast of the coffee beans used. This got me thinking why not use a similar brew method on the LR? The theory would be that a lower dose of around 13 g in a larger basket for e.g. 20-22 g should yield a higher flow with the height of filtration medium being reduced about (roughly) half. So you would need to grind much finer to get to get the extraction time back up. The difference to a smaller basket should be that the holes allow for a higher flow and the finer grind reduces it again. This significantly changes the taste in the cup because thanks to the smaller particle size the coffee extracts different flavours.

I tried this today using my Rosco Hand Grinder and it was very interesting. To be honest I would prefer my normal Setup with the LR but I will definitely try it with different coffees. The body with the 13 g shot was less then I would have hoped for but the espresso had more clarity and brightness to it. The 22 g comparison (ground with the Eureka Atom) was very syrupy and rich with a hint of caramel.
Here some pictures to give you an example of the different pucks. The basket was the Londinium/IMS 20-22 g one.

13 g dosed:


Around 22 g dosed, first knocked it out and then put it back in:


Comparison knocked out:


22 g Espresso:


Maybe it helps on your coffee journey and it’s always fun to try something new ;)


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